Distribution Program

Since 2010 the Gifts of Freedom Fund has reached every state and federal penitentiary along with most city and county jails.  Each box will contain 20 volumes of the Gifts of Freedom Prison Edition. We are also offering boxes of books to active prison ministries that touch prisoners either in these facilities or in county jails. If your ministry can provide these books and Bibles to prisoners who are seeking to be discipled, then please fill out the book request form, return it to ARM, and we will send them to you at no charge.  If you are a Chaplin at a prison, you’ll be able to order Bibles for only the cost of shipping.

If you are not familiar with the Gifts of Freedom, it is about 12 gifts which God offers to each of us. As we accept, unwrap and use these gifts, we develop a more intimate relationship with our Heavenly Father, thereby, unlocking incredible freedom in our lives; spiritually, financially, even physically. I believe that most Christians neither receive nor use all of these gifts. Either they’ve never been taught about them, or they don’t fully understand them. This book will give both new and mature believers the information they need to receive all that God has to offer them, as well as draw them into the Bible.

My passion for this project includes a deep desire to reach many of the 2.5 million people serving time in our nation’s jails and prisons. Combined, these people would constitute the 4th largest city in the United States! Imagine . . . God changing hundreds, even thousands of prisoners from the inside out. This could literally turn our prisons . . . inside out! Providing a general education to a prisoner may only make him a more effective criminal. But when his or her heart is changed, the whole trajectory of that life is changed! Imagine men and women finding true freedom, while still locked behind bars! This new freedom spreads to the lives of others both inside and outside of that prison as every prisoner, on average, has three dependents! Imagine prisoners effectively sharing their faith, and then discipling others using these books and Bibles. I get excited thinking about the possibilities!

I would be honored for you to become a distribution partner with me.  We can provide you with an unlimited quantity of free copies in increments of 20 prison editions to be used to disciple prisoners through your ministry. Because of the great need throughout the prison and jail system, we want to make sure that all the copies of the books and Bibles are used by a prisoner who is truly seeking a greater relationship with his Creator. This requires personal contact! I would ask that you complete the book request form so we can allocate books we print in the best possible manner.