Prisoner Feedback

Prisoner Feedback

“Dear Mr. Rice, I am a new Christian (3-27-09) and have just read “Gifts of Freedom” Book 1, and enjoyed the way you explained everything. I am taking seven Bible study courses right now and like them, you made me use my mind. But unlike them, you made it interesting…. Love through Christ,” (George B., Corcoran, CA )

“To: Gifts of Freedom, My name is David. I am an inmate of California State prison. I received Book 2 while still in my county’s local jail before transfer to CDC. I would count it a tremendous blessing to receive your newsletter through the mail. Thank you very much, and my God continue to bless your ministry. A servent of Christ,” (David M., Wasco, CA)

“My name is Vincent. I am in prison and have no money! Can you please send me an NIV Study Bible and also Books 1-2-3 Embracing, Understanding & Unwrapping…. I am a Christian who really wants to learn! I want to share the word of God and be pleasing to our Lord and Saviour! ….” (Vincent D. – Wasco, CA)

“Hello, My name is Steven & I’ve read your 3 book series & I just had to tell you how much it’s helped me grow in faith & understanding. I pray for all inmates around the world to repent and come to Christ…. I’m only 17 years old but am looking at some years in prison. Please pray for me to go home and not have to experience those kinds of places. But if it’s in Gods will than I just have to trust his provision. God bless you & your family & ministry. God has really used you as His vessel to reach others. God Bless You” (Steven S., Apple Valley, CA)

“Dear Gifts of Freedom Ministry, I am an inmate in an Ohio prison. I have read book two of the Gifts of Freedom series. Our chapel library does not have a volume One of this series. I would like to request a copy of the Book One of this series. After I read it, I will donate it to the chapel library so they will have both books.… If there is a volume three of the book, please send it to me also…. Sincerely,” (James E. – Chillicothe, OH)

“God Bless you all at the Gifts of Freedom. Can you please send me a Gifts of Freedom book. I really would love to own one. Thank you so very much. Jesus Love’s you all…. God Bless You!” (Cory C., Wasco, CA)

“Dear Reader My name is Jeremy & I’m in a Texas prison & have 15 more years to go. The reason I’m writing you is I wrote to a ministry that passes out religious material to indigent inmates. I asked them for all 3 books of “the Gifts of Freedom” Book 1, 2, & 3. All they sent me was Book 3 & told me that they do not have Books 1 & 2 no more. So I’m writting you to see if you have them & can you send them to me….” (Jeremy K., Richmond, TX)

“Brother Greg Rice, … Brother my name is Luis. Unfortunately, I am an inmate at the Los Angeles County Jail. I have accepted Christ Jesus as my Lord & Savior. I have started to build a relationship with God. Some time ago, I was blessed by another brother by giving me your book from the Gifts of Freedom “book 3”. I start to read it. You have no idea how much this book has help me in my spiritual grow. It’s helped me in prayer. To show me what to pray for in what I lack of in my spiritual walk with God. Also it has help me to realize all the bad seeds I sowed for not knowing him & being disobedient to him. I pray that my reap changes for my sowing is different as I wait for the new harvest.

“Brother your book has help me to even talk to others about God & the lessons your book has help me. As a tool that has help me in my prayers, Bible studies, & in his sharing with others God’s love & promises. I would humbly as if God puts it in your heart to donate me a copy of your book the Gift of Freedom Book 1. I have tryed speaking to the chaplain in trying to get any more of your books. But resources are very, very limited to us in here. It took me about a week just to get my very own Bible. Nevertheless access to any other spiritual books to help us grow spiritual in here. I am really interested in reading your whole series of the Gifts of Freedom. Please, please let me know if you can donate me one, & if you can’t can you please refer me to a prison ministry of church that can. I pray that you can bless me with a copy …

“… One book has changed so many lives in here, & I would like to join your ministries with “speaking to the purpose of God for this generation & for generations to come” by using the Bible and your books as tools… Your brother in Christ,” (Luis R., Los Angeles, CA)

“Hello, Mr. Rice, my name is Davion. I’m currently an inmate in the Los Angeles County Jail. Last week I attended a church service by Chaplain Mel Novack . He preached an excellent message but after the service had ended he pulled me aside to counsel/menter me, and as he was mentering me, I asked him if he had any additional reading material. Upon my request he gave me a book called “The Gifts of Freedom Book 2 Understanding Provision, Communication, and Death.” Mr. Rice this is an excellent book. I can’t seem to put it down. I even quote paragraphs out of it at our prayer call.

Mr. Rice, I want to know how do I go about getting Book #1. Mr. Rice, you also inspire me because you’re a Christian businessman, and that’s what I’m striving to become. Hope to hear from you soon Mr. Rice. God Bless you. From your Brother in CHRIST” (Davion H., Los Angeles, CA)

“Thank you so much for sending me book #1 The Gifts of Freedom. It is a very enlightening read. Altho I have yet to finish it I would request book #2 as I anticipate being done in another day or so. It is a really good book and I hope and pray that all who are involved in bringing it to prisoners will be abundantly blessed! Yours in Christ,” (Lyle T., New York)

“Hi There. I am sending you this letter to tell you them lessons you sent me is real good. And I would like to get the other two lessons if I can. I sure hope you can help me out on this. I sure like doing them. I learn a lot from them.” (Tony N., Montana)